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Renee Turner 

Ms Australia International 2018

Renee Turner is 29 years of age, Lives in Melbourne Australia and works as a full time childcare educator.

Renee first started her journey with the Australian International pageants in 2016. She showed confidence and poise, and was honored to take home the title Ms Australia first runner up. Renee joined us for a second year with the determination to take home the crown which she successfully did.  Renee is a very accomplished woman with so much to offer. She thrives on the idea of empowerment and shows courage by facing her fears. "It's not about the doors that open for you, it's about the doors that you open for yourself, open them with determination to succeed" Renee

As part of her platform for 2018 Renee wants to fight back against bullying.. "too many young lives have been lost and destroyed due to bullying and I want to help make it stop". 

She wishes to create a workshop for those young people to fight back against this and to help them with there struggles, and I also want to go to schools around Australia and talk to at least 5000 children..

Renee also wishes to continue with her platform to support her charity Maddie Riewoldts vision to help find a cure for bone marrow failure syndrome.


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