Leila Sweeney-McDougall Mrs Australia International 2017

Leila Sweeney-McDougall

Mrs Australia International 2017

Leila Sweeney-McDougall is a very busy lady. She is a Farmer, Secondary School Teacher, Charity Director of Live Rural, Ministerial Advisor, Fashion Designer, a Mother and Wife, Agricultural advocaat and Mentor/Life Coach.

Leila reside in the Western Districts of Victoria where her and her husband own and operate a 3000-acre sheep, cattle and cereal cropping farming enterprise. Her passion for farming and people living and working on the land is re ected in the work she does to support and promote it. Leila started the charity 'Live Rural' to support farmer health as well as support and promote these people in a positive light. Farmers are extremely under appreciated and with out them the worlds population would simply not survive. Leila's mission is to ensure that farmers and their families are appreciated and supported by the general population. Developing a connection with where essential resources come from to survive is fundamental in the growth and development of our youth and with out the proper education this is not going to happen.

Leila loves her life style as a farmer, but she can assure you it is not easy and it is not a career you take on for the pay cheque at the end of the week. It’s a love for the land and all creatures that inhabit it, as with out farming families life would cease to exist. 


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