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Indyanna-Rose Ciccone

Miss Teen Australia International  2018

Indyanna-Rose Ciccone, 13, lives in the rural town of Yarroweyah, Victoria. Indyanna is in year 8 at Cobram Secondary College. She is known for her advocacy, inclusiveness and standing up for that in which she believes in.

With the strength of a warrior, Indyanna inspires young women to be true to themselves and to be their own kind of beautiful as they are all so very diverse. She stands tall and defends the vulnerable, the minority and the disadvantaged. Indyanna feels the Australian International Pageant supports her core beliefs and thus proud to be apart of this wonderful system.

“I want to show girls that they can be who they are and to not be scared of becoming themselves. I always say to all of my friends and family “ Life knows it path and whichever one you journey down is the one you have to battle! The universe knows you can handle whatever it is going to throw at you. Whether the path is good or bad, it’s the one you get to ride”

For Indyanna, being Miss Teen Australian International 2018 means she can role model for other young women that no dream is out of reach, and to strive for what you want! Determination and commitment is the key to success!


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