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Catherine Ayad 

Miss Australia International 2018

Being crowned Miss Australia International 2018 means being able to reach a wider audience in order to inspire individuals all over the world to achieve their dreams ( No matter how crazy they seem to some people!) regardless of their past. 

"This is truly just my beginning, I am so excited to see what the future holds"

Catherine Ayad, born in Egypt, Raised in Australia of Catherine Ayad’s. 

Driven by Confidence is a Personal Branding Specialist and Speaker with a heart to see all women and youth living their best lives. Her passion was founded at Fitted for Work helping dress disadvantaged women and since she has invested er time delivering workshops and one on one styling sessions to boost confidence and empower all types of people - women, men and teenagers through. Fitted for Work, Suzan Johnston Workshops and her own business. Through her work Catherine empowers people to embrace their individuality and become their best selves, capable of pursuing their dreams.


Catherine, who has also been nominated for the Victorian Young Achiever Awards says “At the end of the day it comes down to how you feel in your clothes because how you feel is then going to reflect to the outside world.”

In every way Catherine Ayad has challenged the status quo and achieved amazing things in such a short amount of time with consistency and tenacity to execute her ideas. 


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