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Brielle Streater 

Miss Australia International 2018

If you have a dream, chase it, and on the journey grasp everything else you love. Brielle Streater is a 22-year-old Sydney resident and she is proud to be a Finalist in Miss Australia International. 
Over the last four years she has grasped her dreams that she once thought impossible. Overcoming years of significant youth bullying, she changed her life in all ways possible. In October 2014, she changed her life from city girl to country girl commencing a journey encompassing a childhood dream of adventure and exploration of Country and Outback regions of Australia. She became consumed by the infectious Aussie spirit, the Australian people and their love for their land and community, and beauty of the Australian landscapes itself. Now as Business-owner of BellaRose City Girl Goes Country and as a Qualified Award-Winning photographer and cinematographer, content creator and social media marketer she continues to capture visually and via written word her experiences of her journey which she continues to this day.

However, her passion is raising awareness on the seriousness and effects of bullying of all forms. Bullying has the strength to impact an individual in such a negative way, it can be life destroying. Until changes are made children and youth will continue to suffer. Bullying has changed and now presents itself with strength and harm. As an Ambassador to Enough is Enough Anti-Violence Association is to raise awareness and funds in the hope those much-needed changes will take place.
Brielle likes to think the last four years are her beginning; from a journey of self-discovery to a life as an Australian Travel Photographer and Blogger.
Chase your dreams, capture them and live it. 
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