Alice Su Miss Australia International 2017

Alice (Mei Y) Su

Miss Australia International 2017

Alice (Mei Y) Su is 26, born in Melbourne, Australia, is an employment consultant in her local community. She is known for her high energy, openness and zest for life.

With a heart of gold, Alice is passionate about people being the best versions of themselves.

“I want to represent what it means to be a young, self empowered and accomplished female in today’s society and what that means for me, is breaking the stereotype of what it means to be Asian woman born in the today’s western culture. By representing Miss Australia International, I hope to share a positive message to empower woman of all ages and backgrounds to honor their desire for self expression which can be suppressed by society and cultural expectations.”

Being a finalist in Miss Australia International also means breaking the cycle of the traditional beauty pageant queen ste- reotype; tall, slim and blonde, showing that women of any background who don’t t the traditional mould what’s possible. 


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