My name is Ruby Adamson, I am 19 years old from the Hunter Valley in NSW. My platform is Down Syndrome Australia and the reason I am supporting this cause is because my beautiful little brother, Mackay has this superhero ability. Unfortunately, I have witnessed the sad act that is exclusion for these people and that is why I have teamed up with Down Syndrome Australia in raising awareness in becoming a voice for these people that they can rely on. My reign as queen will include many inspirational talks throughout schools and events about the importance of acceptance and the effect your voice can have when you speak up. If this system has taught me one thing, it is that one voice is backed by millions of other voices just waiting to change the world. All we have to do is stand together and speak up about a certain issue to make that change.


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Brielle Streater 

Miss Australia International 2018


Alice (Mei Y) Su

Miss Australia International 2017

Miss Australia

Jessica Martini

Miss Australia International 2016


Deedee Zibara

Miss Australia International 2015

Natalie Assaad

Natalie Assaad

Miss Australia International 2014