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Kathryn Nair Goodwill Ambassador 2017

Kathryn Nair

International Goodwill Ambassador 2017

Kathryn Nair originally a refugee and now a naturalised citizen, Kathryn has overcome many hurdles in order to pursue her dreams. Kathryn, who has four children, lost her mother to cancer when she was just a young girl. She was bullied for much of her childhood and nursed her daughter through Ewing Sarcoma cancer. After a long battle in and out of hospitals, her daughter is celebrating being in remission for ve years.

Kathryn Nair is the first woman of Indian heritage to be win Mrs Australia International. As a former model and business owner, she is committed to spreading the message about the value that women can offer in both business and not-for-pro t organizations. Kathryn has been also nominated for Australian of the year for her recognition and community service. An active volunteer in her local community and church, Kathryn recently returned from a trip to India where she partnered with

Vision Rescue. Her time was spent helping raise awareness for this organisation that is feeding, educating and providing healthcare to people in the slums of Mumbai, India. Volunteering is Kathryn’s way of saying ‘thank you Australia for a safe home.’

Motivated by her family’s battle with cancer, Kathryn is representing Mrs. Australia International which is a competition that recognizes gifted women from across the continent. Unlike pageants that focus mainly on beauty, this contest emphasizes the talents, the accomplishments, the personalities, and the societal contributions of its participants which i work tirelessly to make a change. 

Amie Louise Bransgrove

Amie Louise Bransgrove

International Goodwill Ambassador 2016

Goodwill Ambassador – The Goodwill Ambassador is a person that involves themselves with high profile philanthropic organisations and makes a difference to others by supporting the cause. They are respected and admired by their community. 

The Goodwill Ambassador represents The Australian International Pageants by discovering contestants, sponsors and a cause that they are passionate and enthusiastic about. They inspire everyone through their journey of fulfilling their role.

The International Goodwill Ambassador is voted by her fellow board of directors, contestants and nominated by a philanthropic group or charity organisation.