Chasing the Crown


Chasing the Crown for the Wrong Reason

I have been involved in beauty pageants for many years and seen lots of people come and go during that time. Something that still concerns me is that a lot of people get into pageants because they want the glory that comes with wearing the crown, spending so much time looking to the future that they overlook the amazing things right in front of them.

If that is why you started on this path, I invite you to take a step back and reconsider your goals so that you can get the most from the process. While anyone can go online and buy a crown without much effort, the crown is meaningless by itself. If the crown is the only thing you want, you are selling yourself short because you won't achieve the fulfillment for which you have been looking.

It's Not About the Destination

No matter how it seems from the start, pageants are about the journey, not the destination. Paying too much attention to the destination stops you from getting the most from where you are right now, and you don't want to make that mistake because it will steal your happiness. This journey can help you discover who you are and the impact you want to leave behind. Even if you don’t see it from where you stand, you have the power to affect people in a profoundly positive way if you are willing to do so.

You get the opportunity to help those who need advice, but you also have a chance to work with mentors who have walked the same path years ago. As a contestant, you serve as a role model for countless women from all backgrounds and walks of life, so consider the message you want to send to them and yourself.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Moment

I invite you to take a few deep breaths and slow yourself down a bit. No matter the situation in which you have found yourself, look for the positive side if you would like to maintain your motivation over the long run. While losing is not always fun, each lose gives us perspective and keeps us humble.

Each failure makes victory taste a little sweeter when we finally reach the goal we set from the beginning. If you take a minute to look in the mirror and ask why you have come here, you will find the answer as long as you are honest with yourself.

Finally, winning a contest is enough to establish any woman as a role model to people of all backgrounds. The winners can use this status to inspire others to stand up for the things in which they believe and to chase their dreams. Even though we might have different motivating factors, we all share the vision of improving ourselves, each other and the world.

 If you believe you have what it takes to become our next queen? Don't delay; APPLY TODAY! BUT, keep in mind that we are not looking for the next TOP MODEL we are looking for the next ROLE MODEL. If this is you, we need you to join our international family.

The ‘3’ Secrets To Wining The Crown

Mrs, Ms, Miss & Miss Teen Australia International

The ‘3’ secrets to wining the crown

How many times have you questioned yourself how can I win the crown? You have exceeded all the qualifications, your interview went well, the interviewer seemed to like what you have to offer, and things seemed to go perfectly…you compete, and ace everything but you don’t understand why you did not win.

You looked like a queen, you smiled, you researched and demonstrated that you knew the system inside out and you, stood out in a good way from competitors “sold yourself” …perfect package. BUT did not make the top 12 or win the crown.

So, what was missing? What did you do wrong? How and why did the other candidate wins the crown and not you? What could she possibly have that you didn’t?

The ‘3’ secrets to wining the crown

Well, using the ‘3’ secrets to winning the crown, using your Head, Heart and Hands.  They are the top fundamental strategies to wining the crown.

Using your head to craft a solid plan, using your passion to inspire other to and using your hands to lead by example.

If you are competing want to win the crown and have lasting success, keeping these 3 factors in mind is vital when it comes to reaching your goals. First, I want you to understand your true power and the role you play in the lives of others around you. Helping people by representing and believing in a system and a charity platform, you play a much bigger role than you likely realize. 

You assist people with enhancing their self-esteem and confidence, but you also give them a hand to move forward in their lives. The confidence people gain from watching you and following your journey will empowers them to form meaningful opportunities in everything they do. As a queen, you don't make people feel beautiful. Instead, you show them what beauty is, how to bring their natural beauty to the surface, and the changes you empower people to make are priceless. 

Use Your Head: Dreaming and Thinking Big

Whether you are working on wining the crown, having a vision is the first factor you must consider. Begin by assessing the situation with which you are dealing and considering the goals you would like to achieve. You will then craft a plan that moves you in the right direction, and you will know you are off to a good start. Your plan might change and evolve as you take action and learn what works and what does not. 

Use Your Heart: Letting Your Passion Shine

Even though using your head to create a viable strategy is essential, it's not enough on its own. Following your heart and finding your passion are the keys that will motivate and keep you on the correct path at all times. When you work with others, your passion will inspire them to share your vision, allowing you to change people's lives in a positive way. 

Use Your Hands: Leading by Example

Getting people to take you seriously requires you to lead by example. If you want to earn the respect of those who come to you for advice and support, show them that you are willing to do everything you ask of them. 

Final Thoughts

Using your head to craft a solid plan, using your passion to inspire others and using your hands to lead by example are how you create the foundation for winning the crown. You will shine and thrive once you understand and implement these critical elements. Leading by example, helping others improve their lives are just a few of the things you can achieve, and you will be proud of what you can do.

Our aim in this blog article is to inspire and empower women of all walks of life to reach their greatest potentials and shine. If you would like to join our International family, we would love to have you! We will guide you step by step and get you where you want to be. Taking application TODAY! 

Making a difference

Making a difference


People have different reasons for joining pageants, but the goal of the Australian International Pageants is to allow the contestants to give back, making a positive difference in someone's life. Rather than being driven by self-interest, their goal is to make the world a better place by helping, supporting and inspiring others to be the best that they can be at all times. All of our finalists have stories to which most people can relate, and these stories hold memories of fear, persistence and triumph. By making their voices heard, our contestants can encourage people to move forward and to keep pressing on in spite of any roadblocks that the future might hold. 

What most people see when they watch a pageant is only the tip of a much larger iceberg. Behind the lights and cameras, stylists, advisers, photographers and more work countless hours to make each show a reality. The team that puts in the effort to make our pageants possible does not receive any financial compensation for their time or energy. Rather than being driven by monetary rewards, our team of volunteers only want to serve as symbols of hope and perseverance. The crown is not the goal; it is merely a means to an end, allowing each of our contestants to touch the lives of people who are in need of guidance and support. 

A Message to the Haters

Before moving forward, I would like to take a moment to address the haters who wish to put us down. Although I understand your point of view, I ask that you try to see what motivates us to keep our dream alive. Because we all donate our time, energy and skills, helping people is the only mission that we have at heart. Pageants are often associated with a lot of negativity, but both the young and mature women who participate strive to build confidence and self-esteem for themselves, for each other and for anyone who is willing to hear their message. 

Join Us

If you can look past the stigma with which people typically view pageants, I am confident that you will start to see the good that we do. But our mission is far from complete, and we welcome all of the support that we can get. Everyone who works with us helps our contestants to serve as role models who teach people to accept themselves for who they are and to pursue their dreams relentlessly. So give us a chance, join our family and help spread the truth.