How to Win the Crown and Crowd


Competing in the international pageant gives you a chance to have your voice heard and make a difference in the world. Some people get into the pageant for the wrong reasons and have little hope of success.

If you would like to reach your goals, ensure that you are in it for the right reasons, which is half the battle. It's vital you take charge of your journey and use a clear plan so that you have a sense of direction, and you should not have much trouble moving forward.

Rather than focusing only on the crown, your goal is also to win the crowd. You must be personable and try connecting with them on a deep level to achieve that mission, and doing so is not as hard as you might think. One of the keys to victory is realizing that the pageant is about outer and inner beauty. So, let your personality shine, and don't be afraid of your flaws because everyone is only human.

A common mistake people make is putting all their attention on the outcome they would like to achieve. While you want to get the best possible outcome, you can't let it consume your thoughts. You must remember that the journey is more important than the result. Each challenge you face along the way is a learning experience, and each setback makes your victory that much better in the end.

The path on which you have embarked is your journey and destiny. You will always look back on these years with fond and loving memories. The pageant gives you an opportunity to make many friends and to have an impact on the community. You have been selected as a finalist, and your next task is proving to the judges that you are a worthy contestant.

When you reflect on your time in the pageant, how do you want to remember yourself and the things you have done? You are shaping your future and the futures of each person you inspire along the way.

Do you or anyone you know would like to join us on this journey? Don't delay; APPLY TODAY! BUT, keep in mind that we are not looking for the next TOP MODEL we are looking for the next ROLE MODEL. If this is you, we need you to join our international family.