Never Give-up Until You Reach Your Dreams

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Never Give-up Until You Reach Your Dreams!

In November 2015, 15 year old Taylee Short started her journey with The Australian International Pageant where she competed for the 2016 title of Miss Teen Australia International. Taylee had a great experience with the pageant thanks to her fellow contestants, friendly judges and directors- to this day Taylee still has friends that she made competing with The Australian International Pageant. After placing 2nd runner up, Taylee moved on to other things after taking a short break and then competed within other pageant systems.

But Taylee knew that her heart lied with The Australian International Pageant and made it her mission to one day return. Now, 18 year old Taylee has been named a finalist in the prestigious pageant once again, this time as a Miss Australia International contestant. Taylee’s experience with the pageant the first time around has played a big part in her return to the system. The amazing organization of the pageant finals and the friendliness and welcoming nature of all involved made Taylee comfortable and offered amazing experiences that she could never forget.

‘I can say that the once shy 15 year old blossomed into an outgoing confident young lady all thanks to The Australian International Pageant’.

Taylee believes that her knowledge of the pageant system and her grown maturity level since 2015 will help her out with her journey this year. Taylee has selected Bravehearts Australia as her platform and will also be active in her community attending events and volunteering, all while promoting The Australian International Pageant as a Miss Australia International, 2019 National Finalist.

Taylee’s message to all is to never give up until you reach your goals. Thank you Taylee, it warms our hearts to see past contestant returns and try again. 

We wish Taylee all the best as she begins this new and exciting Journey in her life and we hope that she has what it takes to win the Miss Australia International 2019 Title. 

Do YOU have what it takes? Application are now open!