An Inspiration to so many!

Ruby Adamson

Ruby Adamson's first International Trip began with the Australian International Pageant back in 2015 when she was only 15 years old. 

At such a young age Ruby never imagined she would be representing her beautiful country (Australia) in an International Pageant with girls from all around the world. This Experience was definitely a challenge for her but in the end she walked away with the Miss Congeniality award which no Australian have ever bought home before.

"Winning the Miss Congeniality award was definitely a surprise for me especially when you take into account that there were 34 contestants in the Teen category alone and most of those contestants voted for me as the Congeniality Winner. I remember being up onstage with the beautiful contestants and my name being called for the award. So many of the girls gave me a hug some reached out to me with smiles on their faces and my best friend throughout the Pageant who was standing next to me started to tear up and gave me a big hug because she was so proud of my achievement. It was crazy that this all happened in the time between me coming to the front of the stage to accept my award and me walking back to my spot.

I just loved that the girls decided then and there that they wanted to congratulate me." Ruby Said.


This Experience definitely is one to remember and after so many years Ruby was invited back to the 2018 Australian International Pageant to assist the National Director and the Contestants. Over the course of the 3 days Ruby saw a transformation in the Pageant and the girls which Ruby said was "Really Inspiring."

After much thought Ruby decided she wanted to come back to this System that changed her life many years ago. Ruby has grown since the 2015 Pageant which means she now qualifies for The Miss Australia International Category.

"For many years I have competed as a Teen so competing as a Miss is not going to be an easy task. So many of the Miss contestants have so much life experience and a lot of the time they don't have the support from their friends and family. I am so lucky due to the fact that my parents and peers are very supportive of me which really motivates me to do the best I can for not only them but the Australian International Pageant System." Ruby Said.

Ruby will be using the National Finalist Title to get out and active within her Community in the hopes of raising awareness for her Platform, Down Syndrome Australia.

We wish Ruby all the best as she begins this new and exciting Journey in her life and we hope she has what it takes to win the Miss Australia International 2019 Title. 

Do YOU have what it takes? Application are now open!