Dedication and Hard Work Will Win You the Crown

Kate Johnson

It's amusing how many people get excited, apply to compete in a pageant and talk about how dedicated they are to getting the most from the experience. Even though they appear to have motivation at the start, only a few make it to the finals. Most of the ones who make it to the finals drop like flies once they realize how much work it takes to win the crown. 

These contestants only compete because they want the glory that comes with winning the crown. They want to feel the pride that comes when they walk across the stage in front of an adoring audience. When these people picture a pageant in their minds, they only think of what they can get out of it, but they don't stop to consider the amount of work they will need to do. 

“A winner isn’t chosen from a group of representatives. A representative is chosen from a group of winners," said Kate Johnson, the winner of Mrs. Australia 2014. In other words, those who would like to win need to have the right attitude if they want any hope of reaching their goal. Being a winner is about much more than just earning a title at the end of a pageant. 

Being a winner is a state of mind and the perspective that anything is possible with enough dedication and commitment. If a contestant wants to win and to stand out from the rest in a powerful way, the contestant must be willing to work harder than everyone else. No matter what they try, nothing compares to setting a goal and doing what it takes to reach the desired outcome. 

While contestants must put in a lot of effort to make it to the finals, the struggle makes winning feel much better, and those who last until the end learn the rewards of hard work along the way. The values that contestants learn during the journey will help them find success in all areas of life. Passion and commitment are just a few of the traits that they will gain when they keep their eye on the prize and refuse to give up.

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