7 steps formula for a winning Image 

If you would like to craft a winning image that will turn heads and grab attention, follow this simple 7-step guide. 

No. 1: Personality

Before you do anything else, knowing yourself and your personality is vital and will empower you to find an image that highlights your traits. 

No. 2: Color

The colors that you choose should not only match each other, but they must also compliment your skin, hair and eyes. 

No. 3: Focal Point

Using the right combination of colors and design, you can draw attention to areas of your body that you want to highlight. 

No. 4: Fabric

Selecting the right fabric will set the mood for you and the people you encounter throughout the day, so you will need to put some thought into your decision. Silk and cashmere have a touch of elegance, but velvet is much more feminine. If you want to have a sporty look, denim is what you will need, and lace will send a romantic vibe. Those who want to have a strong and assertive appearance can opt for more structured garments. 

No. 5: Surface

There are three surfaces you need to consider. Matt surface is great for low-contrast people, but you should use sheen if you have a medium contrast. Shine is the perfect option for people with high contrast between their hair, eyes and skin. 

No. 6: Style

Since everything you wear speaks about your personality, mood, taste and more, put a lot of thought into each fashion choice you make. 

No. 7: Proportion

When your goal is to put together an attractive and captivating look, taking proportion into account is a vital element that will play a big role in your results, and calculated contrast can work wonders. You can, for example, mix warm and cool colors or a slim top with a full bottom, and you will be happy with the way you look.

Final Thoughts

A winning image is like a puzzle. You need to consider the 7 steps formula in order to have a defined image. Every step that you take counts and will contribute to your winning image. 

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