Personal & Professional Growth

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Personal & Professional Growth: Why You Should Always Be Improving

A lot of people look to external factors to bring them happiness and a sense of joy, but following that path will only lead to disappointment. Although reaching your desired outcome can give you positive feelings, the enjoyment that you gain won't last forever. Once you understand how happiness works, you will see why you should always push yourself to keep improving and growing as a person. 

For example, consider if you want to win the crown in the Australian International Pageants so that you can build your profile and charity platform. After your winning locally, you will need to carry on to the International level, you will be happy for a while, but you will eventually grow accustomed to your new role and title, returning to your default emotional state. 

Some people will become discouraged when they learn this fact, but looking at the big picture is vital. Rather than trying to chase one goal or dream, remember that happiness comes from continued improvement. When you want to get the most from life and to feel good about the direction in which it's moving, you must always strive to go forward. In addition to boosting your mood, doing so will also ensure that you will become the best version of yourself.

If you allow every outcome to control and influence your mood, your life will be a roller coaster of emotions that is hard to manage. When you focus on the process of improving, staying focused on your long-term goals will become much easier, but learning to balance your priorities is another critical piece of the puzzle that you don't want to overlook. 

While you should always want to keep passing new milestones, you must still take the time to appreciate the things that you already have therefore remember to embrace and enjoy your journey. You could ask thousands of people what they want to accomplish in their lifetime, and you will get a range of answers. But at the core, it all centers around feeling happy as often as possible, and the key is to be content with where you are and to strive to reach the next level and where you want to be.

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