A Strong Person Shed Tears, Then Gets Up And Fight Again!

A strong person shed tears for a moment, then gets up and fight again.

Sophia Rayat Mrs Australia International, 2018 National Finalist

Sophia Rayat Mrs Australia International, 2018 National Finalist

There are many reasons why I entered in Mrs Australian International pageant. Growing up I didn’t have it easy. I have been shattered broken and mentally tortured. I have been dealing with everything by myself and I got so used to it. Situations and circumstances always drags me down every day but then, I pick myself up and convince myself that everything will be alright. 

I had no choice but to be strong and what kept me going is my faith in God and myself. I also believe that a strong person is not the one who doesn’t cry. A strong person is the one, who cries & shed tears for a moment, then gets up fight again. Coming from a joined family from India I have seen lots of fights that rooted my pain. There were days I was sick, hungry wanted to buy something but there was no one I could talk to. I was even scared to share my feelings with others. 

Sadly, to say few months before my marriage my brother committed suicide because he had the same problem I had, he was lonely and felt alone no one to talk to. I was so broken and shattered. I was thinking what is life, why are we on this planet, what is our purpose to be here. And that when I started questioning myself, no one loves me, I am not beautiful or intelligent like the other girls out there.   

I know there are lots of people in this world that are suffering from loneliness anxiety depression. I have seen my mother and mother-in-law going through this pain where they have never been appreciated. My brother is suffering from depression for the same reasons. At the age of 23 the doctors told me that I have got high blood pressure. I have suffered an anxiety and panic attacks where you feel everything is meaningless. I am a kindergarten teacher I love working with children. Helping others is my passion. I would like to be out there in the world share my voice in hope to make a difference in my community.  I am working and will be representing “The Global Women Project” charity as I believe happy women can run a happy home and women got power to change the world.    It hasn’t been an easy journey but I had no choice but to believe in myself and have and will never give up. I am supporting myself I believe God is on my side helping me along this journey. I met people who are in fashion industry and modelling they encouraged me. I met an Angel who brought the best out of me. 

The Australian International pageant is not just a pageant for me it is like a life line that has given me the opportunity and platform to fulfil my dreams. It is a privilege and honour. It will open so many paths for me as I have always been looked down at that I am not capable to do anything. I would really like to win Mrs Australian international pageant so I can share my voice, be a role model in hope to achieve anything no matter how hard life can be. I would love to represent Australia around the Globe. It’s been so long since I have been waiting for this opportunity. 

It’s a blessing to bring smiles on people’s faces.

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