Competing for the Right Reasons

Competing for the Right Reasons 

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When they compete in pageants, women from all walks of life can gain a lot from the experience. Not only can they build their self-esteem and learn to accept themselves, but they can also help others along the way. It's always important, however, to enter pageants with the right mindset and with a positive outlook if you want to have an uplifting experience. We are going to explore some of the most common problems that women encounter at the start and how to overcome them. Keeping these tips in mind can prevent discouragement and keep everyone moving along the right path.

Don't Compare Yourself to Others

When they decide to compete in a pageant, some women have the goal of gaining external validation, and their No. 1 priority is to beat everyone else. Although pushing yourself and having a competitive spirit will take you far, seeking approval and comparing yourself to others is a battle you will never win. We all have days on which everything seems to be perfect, but we will also encounter moments when challenging roadblocks present themselves. It's important to remember that some people will always look for reasons to criticize others. If you base your sense of happiness or success on external factors, your life will be an emotional roller coaster. 

The Real Competition Is With Yourself

No matter who you are, the real competition is with yourself, and you should never judge yourself on factors that are beyond your control. Almost everyone who competes in a pageant will have feelings of doubt, but pushing through the uncertainty expands the comfort zone and builds confidence. It's important to highlight your best features, but you must also accept your flaws. Since nobody is perfect, your measuring stick for success needs to come from within yourself. Each time you walk onstage or step outside of your home, try to be more kind, confident and determined than the last. We all have different objectives, but striving to be the best version of yourself is a noble mission that will take you far in life.

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