Being National Finalist

Miss Australia International means so much more then the title

Being the NSW finalist for Miss Australia International means so much more then the title. Being a finailist means change. It means having the oppurtunity to help my community to adress and fix a problem that needs to be fixed. As a passionate advocate for anti-bullying, getting this oppurtunity went far beyond beauty.

Ashlee De Silva Miss Australian International National Finalist

Bullying has become a big part of my life. When I was getting bullied it took a toll on the person I was. I went from being sure of myself to constantly doubting everything I did or said. Bullying tore me down and no matter how hard I tried to beat that and build myself up the bullying would always tear me down faster and harder. Despite having a boyfriend who loved me and cared for me, the bullying made me hate myself. I felt like no one could love me because people around made me feel like i did'nt deserve to be loved and cared for. Bullies were trying to make me feel worthless and dealing with that every day was difficult but no day was worse then the day I finally gave up and belived them. I stopped being sure of myself, I stopped loving myself and I gave in to them and what they said about me because I felt like there was nothing else I could do. I used to sit on the bus on the way home begging myself to hold back my tears for just enough time until i could reach the saftey of my home, where each day after school i would break. I tried to get help numerous times but each attempt would fail me. I felt defeated. I had no voice anymore. I felt like there was no hope.

This is how thousands of children and teenagers feel today. Some of them might not be so lucky. For some of these children their bullying will be fatal. So here I am, I'm here and I'm strong and I survived being bullied and I want to help other children that are experiencing this to do the same. I want to give hope, I want people to see that they are more then the words people call them, I want people to know that there is still hope. Thats what I'm here to give, if I dont give any thing else through my run and even if I dont win I want at least that, I want to give hope to thousands of children feeling like there is none left. 

Ashlee De Silva

When I first heard of the Miss Australia International pageant I doubted myself and my abilities. Until I thought about how many of these children have lost their voice and have given up due to bullying. I put those doubts aside and I went for it because I knew I could be a voice for all these people who need it, I knew that they needed this; not a model but a medium, a voice. The jouney that I am starting as a finalist for Miss Australia International is not only for the 16 year old me that lost her voice but for all of them, its for every other kid that struggled beside me; it's for all the kids that are struggling right now it's for the future generations that with the change, I hope to make a few less that will have to be torn down by bullying. It's for the people who couldnt be saved. I am here, and I am standing for you. I swear by all of you to try my absolute hardest to spread awareness and raise money for this cause. 

I knew that Miss Australia International was the right pageant for me when I read about all the contestants that have run before me and the ones that are currently running. They are a group of passionate and empowered women who stand for something. Each of us who will stand on that stage in 2018 will stand there for something we believe in, something we are passionate about and I will proudly stand there beside each and every one of the contestants.

 Beauty pageants have a stigma of being shallow and caring only about beauty. Well if beauty is what it's about, then I guess they're right. Because each women that stands for Miss Australia International are powerful, compassionate, intelligent and humble people wanting to make a change to benefit the world we live in and if thats not beautiful then I dont know what is.

In an industry where sucess is based on your looks its comforting to know that the success that myself and the other contestants have gained through this pageant is from seeinng the need for change and pursuing that. 

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