The Danger of Being a Bystander 

The Danger of Being a Bystander


When most people take an honest look at the world and the events that are happening around them, they will agree that someone needs to make a change. The danger is that waiting for someone else to make the world a better place prevents you from taking action. When too many people use that approach, we will keep witnessing the same events. If you put in the effort to summon your courage, you will see that you have leadership traits waiting to be unleashed. You are now going to learn how you can stop being a bystander and start making positive changes in your community. 

Join Organizations That Stand for Your Values

While one person can make a small difference, you will achieve much more if you work in a group, and joining local organizations in which you believe will help. You can volunteer your time to make a difference in your community by working at a charity organisation that is close to your heart or to spend time with sick children at the hospital. If you are not happy with certain laws, join groups that are fighting to reform them, and you will make a positive change. Showing passion and dedication can influence the organization to offer you a leadership position, allowing you to gain even more momentum. 

Be Active on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are great places to join groups and interact with like-minded individuals. You will even encounter people who disagree with your values, and you can use it as a chance to engage in friendly debates. When you discuss different topics with other people, try to approach it with an open perspective, willing to change your stance if you hear a valid point that you had not yet considered. When you openly discuss organizations and causes that you support, you will act as a representative, so you should always remain polite.

Final Thoughts

Looking at current events and hoping that someone else will come in and make a difference is easy, but we have enough bystanders. What we need are people who care enough to take a stand and fight for the things that matter to them. Every step that you take counts and will contribute to your mission, so never underestimate your power to impact the world.

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