Your Skin is One of your GREATEST Assets

looking after my skin

Your skin is one of your greatest assets, and besides being something you are naturally blessed with, and genetically controlled.. it can also be a massive indicator of how well someone takes care of themselves and appreciates their image. Beautiful, glowing, healthy and clean skin means that a person cares about the health, well-being and always makes an effort to look fresh and presentable in every day situations.

First and foremost, keeping healthy skin means following the rules that everyone knows… but surprisingly most people ignore. Having a healthy diet (meaning less refined sugar and processed foods, which spoil your skin and clog your pores), drinking lots of water, having good hygiene, and wearing sunscreen. These basic tips will have your skin glowing for your next outing or job interview, where your face and your confidence are your prized possessions!

When choosing which make-up products to purchase, choose wisely….

  • Choose oil free products and moisturizers, instead keeping eyes out for products that contain Vitamin E to revitalize the skin
  • Choose basic, natural, light and organic products.
  • Avoid heavy foundations, and a lot of skin make-up whenever you can. Go make-up free whenever possible!

When going out in the day, for job interviews, or during the evenings choose the right shade for your skin so that you can avoid heavy, thick and colour-correcting extra layers of foundation. And always remember to wash your face every morning and night to get rid of the make-up on your skin.

Exercising regularly, and going for that extra walk, run, bike-ride, or session at the gym will mean more sweat and healthier skin. Sweating is nature’s way of eliminating toxic chemicals that build up under the skin.

Remember, a healthy glow can make a huge difference… not only for the impression that you will give to others, but to your own personal confidence and self-esteem, that will make a world of difference to your image, life and well-being every single day.

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