The Perfect Evening Gown

Mrs. International 2013 - Amy Gregorio

Choosing the perfect evening gown is probably one of the hardest sections of the International Pageants competition. During both the preliminary and finals nights of the competition you try to prove to the judges that you deserve the crown based on your fitness and fun fashion outfits, your interview skills and philanthropic work. But the last impression that is left in the judge’s minds is the evening gown dress that you choose for your final walk… And that means having the PERFECT look to end and perfect your venture onto the international stage! There are a number of things to look out for when choosing the perfect dress.

The first of these is colour! What colour is going to suit your complement your personal colouring? Is this colour going to wash you out, or make you look your best on the stage? Is this colour pageant appropriate? In my opinion the best pageant colours are those that POP and say ‘Look at me!’, including red, royal purple, and deep blue. While these colours demand attention, you also have to look at the history of pageantry and look and the past winners of the competition. In the international pageants there is a history of winners wearing evening gowns in silver, gold, pale pink and white. 

The second component of a perfect pageant evening gown is again making the dress attention demanding! You might like to choose a dress with lots of glitz, glamour and sparkle! This will LITERALLY make you shine on stage and catch the eyes of everyone in the crowd. As opposed to any other ball event or evening function.. where you may want to look sleek and subtle, a pageant is a place to go ALL OUT!

Finally, choose a gown that suits your body type. This is absolutely essential for looking your best on stage. If you are tall and slender choose a sophisticated and elegant gown with lots of length to accentuate your height, and not necessarily tight fitting. If you have a curvy body shape and wish to accentuate this and use this to your advantage, choose a mermaid shape dress to hug your hips. 

Consult a pageant coach, image consultant or gain advice from a fashion-savvy friends and family, past contestants, or beauty pageant winners/competitors if you need help finding a gown that is completely and totally made for YOU!