The Importance of Fitness

Fitness Wear

As contestants are aware, the fitness wear component of the International Pageants system is a category worth 20% to be judged on the preliminary night of the competition. This category seems fairly straightforward... and it is easy to see why in a pageant it should be important to be physically fit… every woman wants to look her best on stage... right? 

Yes. You want to look your best on stage for the judges and for everyone else in the audience on the night, BUT fitness is important for other more important and less obvious reasons.

First and foremost, fitness is about improving your physical health and making sure that you are the healthiest version of yourself you can be. The International Pageants system supports ‘Go Red for Women’, as a part of the American Heart Association, to bring awareness to the risks of heart disease, and as a part of this pageant, looking the ‘fittest’ on stage is definitely not as important as being an ambassador and showcasing the importance of heart health, using physical fitness as a means to promote this.

Secondly, and maybe MORE importantly... health of the mind. Your mental health and wellbeing could possibly be one of the most important things in life to regulate, and being active and healthy is one of the ways to do this. Promoting an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle is not a way for you to win this competition, but to continue to feel refreshed, replenished, confident and strong on a week-to-week basis. Exercise is a means to clear the mind and can be extremely therapeutic on a stressful day, or during a tough week at work. Even if means a change from being chained to the desk, to instead a short walk in the park, it can be the BEST cure, and the BEST therapy for the mind.

So ladies keep in mind while preparing for the fitness component... don’t do it for the judges on stage! Do it for yourself… keep your heart and mind strong and healthy!