Why Join the International Pageants

Miss Teen Australia Amaani Hatoum

The International Pageants system is a unique system that differs from other pageant systems due to the authenticity in its aim to strive to serve others in the community. It simultaneously creates the opportunity for women to become self-empowered and empower others. As a part of the Australian International Pageant family, our women get the chance to choose a platform for which they have a true passion, and promote this on a national and international scale. Our humanitarian philosophy helps young women to grow into generous and charitable volunteers, who become aware of the world and community around them.

Applying as a contestant for this competition, completing a yearlong journey, and competing on an international stage has only served to make me a more well-rounded, confident and compassionate individual. As well as having more drive to be a part of my community, I have gained countless personal benefits. I now have the ability to speak in front of others with passion, courage and authenticity. I have seen and made friends with a range of beautiful, talented and diverse young women of different nationalities and backgrounds. Coming into this competition I had a fear that I wasn’t the traditional pageant shape or size. But coming out of the competition it reinforced that there absolutely is beauty in diversity; age, race, size and shape! Fitness is something to strive for, for mental and physical health, but we in the Australian International Pageants family believe that beauty cannot be defined in this way.

Mrs, Miss &n Miss Teen Australia

Was the competition itself easy? Definitely not. It was a yearlong process of speech preparation, community service, image and style consultation and training.. But was it worth it? Undoubtedly! My personal transformation and growth cannot be measured. I came out of this experience a more mature, self assured, confident and balanced young woman. Any young woman with the desire to be a part of this unique and unforgettable experience should jump into this journey head on!

Therefore I encourage you to apply and join the Australian International Pageants as there is a lot of personal benefits to gain. Amaani Hatoum Miss Australia International 2014