The Strength of The Australian International Pageants

CARIN HILLMAN  Mrs Australia International 2010

CARIN HILLMAN Mrs Australia International 2010

Beauty pageants appear to be all the rage these days, but those competitions seem to forget what makes people so unique and extraordinary. It is not always about beauty these days. Many women across the entire world, especially in Australia, have natural gifts and brilliance that needs to shine through for everyone to witness and enjoy. That is what The Australian International Pageants is all about. Mrs., Ms., Miss & Miss Teen recognizes the gifted women from across the continent. The pageant focuses on gifted women, talent, accomplishments, and the personalities of each contestant. These are truly amazing women coming together to stand for what they have accomplished and what they believe in.

Each contestant participating is committed to their very own worthwhile cause of their choosing. During the contest, each woman is allotted a certain amount of time to speak on their issue, allowing the world and all of Australia to learn about the cause and what it could do for the betterment of the people. 

The Mission

The Australian International Pageants have very specific rules in place to ensure every contestant is on a fair playing field during the contest. Women from around the continent are coming together for their causes to raise hope and awareness to all those afflicted. The purpose of the entire organization is to unite women by inspiring and empowering them to stand up for themselves and for others. To be better human beings.

Without the support of truly generous individuals, none of this could be possible, unfortunately. Everything from fundraising events to the contests themselves, all of it brings awareness.


There are numerous levels of sponsorship available to those interesting in supporting the organization and everything it is accomplishing. Each package includes a variety of different benefits, from a full-page advertisement to social media advertisements, flyers and banners to a speech during the contest to promote your very own business to the entire country.

Of course, every little bit helps in the long-run. Running such a massive contest and organization is a costly endeavor, but one that is completely worthwhile for everyone involved. There is nothing more rewarding than standing for something and seeing it through to the end.

The Australian International Pageants is proud of what it has accomplished thus far and all the women who have stood strong on the stage for what they truly believe in. Without the people, this would have gone nowhere. And for that we are truly grateful.