Choosing Your Fun Fashion Wear

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Fun Fashion Wear is an underrated category at the international final of the pageant. People prepare for MONTHS for their interview, and spend relentless hours prepping and finding the ‘picture perfect’ evening gown dress. These are important categories, but where pageant girls often fall short is in the Fun Fashion Wear category, which gets pushed to the bottom of their priorities list in preparation and pageant training.

I know this to be true… because in 2014 when I competed in the pageant I was lucky enough to have made the Top 10 in the final, but missed out on a spot in the Top 5. Naturally I wondered where was my fault? Where did I go wrong? I had spent time with a pageant coach on my interview skills, choosing the right gown that suited my skin colour and body type… but I had never considered the importance of this category. Me and my fellow Australian representative from the ‘Miss’ competition has the idea that fun fashion wear was a type of international costume! We used last minute items we already were in possession of… and it’s safe to say we definitely fell short of expectations on stage…


How to avoid this? Look at images of past winners and finalists to get a better understanding of what catches the judges eye! Winners often have designers that know EXACTLY what judges are looking for. Outfits are often:

·      Glitzy and dressy

·      They show off personal flair for fashion and style

·      Glamorous… lots of sparkles and flash!

·      Long and flowy parts of the outfit to catch the wind when you walk

Can’t afford this? NO PROBLEM! Budgeting is an essential part of pageantry, especially as new gowns are needed for every event. The focus of the International Pageants system is philanthropy and selflessly contributing to the wider community. Making alterations to gowns you already possess, or doing the best with what you have at home is always an option!

Even though my advice has been primarily to look at past winners and examples.. this is only to form an understanding of the category for those that have no idea where to start (like me). My second piece of advice is to be yourself and to wear something that represents you, your personality, and your fun and flashy self!

Amaani Hatoum

Miss Teen Australia International 2014