“Dream Big, Work Hard”

Jess Row is one of the youngest girls to represent Australia on the international stage in 2017 and she is working so hard to achieve this. She is only 13 and her dream is to be the youngest girl to enter the Pageant, she want to demonstrate that age is not a barrier to success. In fact, this is what makes her achievements even more inspirational!

Jess Rowe

Jess Rowe

Jess was drawn to this Pageant, as she is passionate about the entertainment industry, she loves all forms of acting, modelling and view this Pageant as an extension of her hobbies.  She has the opportunity to meet other people both locally and nationally, support a charity platform, increase her confidence and become a role model to other young people. 

She chose the Cancer Council as her charity platform as this disease is close to her heart.  Her Grandfather passed away because of cancer. Her Nan had breast cancer when she was 3, but thanks to the advancements in treatment, made possible by organisations such as the Cancer Council, she has been in remission for over 10 years.  She also has a family friend who recently survived a Melanoma due to available medication and treatment.  Cancer can affect anyone at anytime and it affects not only the person battling the illness, but also their loved ones.

The Australian International Pageants has opened her eyes and heart to the world of charity work. Since the start of her journey a few months ago, Jess has raised over $1000 for the Cancer Council, via her participation in HBF Fun Run, making and selling lollie bags, donations and her online eBay store.  Jess have received positive messages from strangers about how wonderful it is to see someone her age contributing to their community. Jess still have several other events planned, including Pink Ribbon Day event at St Mary’s Anglican Girls School, a sausage sizzle with Ms Teen Australia International and a movie fundraiser to continue raising funds for this amazing organisation.

Jess would like to redefine the stereotype of Pageant girls. She believes she is doing this as a participant in the Australian International Pageant. She is a role model in our community and showing that success, accomplishment and growth is beyond “skin deep” beauty. Hard work, making the best of what God has given you and having a goal is the keys to realizing a dream.

Her aspiration is to be one of the youngest girls to compete in the Miss Teen International Pageant in Florida next year so she can show other young people that age is not a barrier to getting involved and believing in themselves. Her goal is to spread joy and inspire others to have a go. It is her desire to represent our beautiful country and be a part of a global event that brings women and young people together. 

Jess Rowe you are a true inspiration and The Australian International Pageants are privilege to have you as one of the Miss Teen Australia International National Finalists. We wish you the best of luck in your journey.