Everyone Is A Winner!

Everyone Is A Winner!

This is not just a beauty pageant competition recognizing gifted women across the continent but one that goes beyond the beauty to focus on the talents, accomplishments, personalities, as well as the contributions a participant has had on the society. Its finalists are therefore comprised of accomplished young and mature women who show compassion, beauty and intellect. Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen Australia International is an opportunity for participants to work with others and become positive role models. They are therefore well-equipped to support and bring awareness to the beauty queens pageant program, which supports and also mentors each contestant on their journey. At the end of the day, even those who do not win the crown go away having learned how to develop or strengthen important traits such as their self-confidence, and they also learn how to have self-assurance, poise and presence.

According to the national director Ferial Youakim, it is not the crown or the gown that makes one stand out but rather your smile, helping hand and being able to give back to your community that makes you shine. When you come to the Mrs, Miss & Miss Teen Australia International, your personal brand will makes you stand out from the crowd. Join us and learn all about the aspects of the three key elements of personal branding, which are:

  • Attitude
  • Personality
  • Confidence

Our team is comprised of a group of Personal Branding Experts in the industry who will be sharing with you their wealth of knowledge on how to create a winning image. When you join us, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, and you will be able to present yourself with credibility, authenticity as well as likability. Among the things that you will learn as a participant in your journey here are our:

  1. How to present and conduct yourself so that you stand out from others
  2. Building a profile and assistance on developing a winning image
  3. How to present your self with self confidence, poise and presence
  4. Advice and direction on what you should have on social media
  5. Advice on what events to attend and be seen at
  6. Advice on press and ways of being in the press to promote your mission/charity
  7. How to present for different events
  8. Speaking at events and the different ways to capture different audiences
  9. How to be a motivational speaker to young woman
  10. How to speak or MC at different events

It is satisfying to know that our contestants will walk away equipped with wealth of knowledge developing important skills such as their self-confidence, poise and presence. These sets of skills will enable them to connect with like-minded people and to build their wining image, self-esteem more efficiently and skillfully. Understanding of the world around them, provide them with more and better opportunities to improve their quality of life.