Brand Ambassador

Would you like to have your own Brand Ambassador? 

Become a sponsor for the Australian International Pageant and have our delegates represent you and become the face and ambassadors of your company as they commence their journey. This is an excellent opportunity to become involved with new participants and give your company beneficial exposure alongside your sponsored participant during the event.

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Supporting the applicant in her Journey will give her the cutting edge and she will have more time to invest her energy in her area of expertise and to contribute her time and effort to promote her platform and charity work. Having your company associated with their charitable inclination and work is a sign of your own commitment to helping their charitable cause.

 If your sponsored participant wins, the crown she will be able to be the face of the company who sponsored her, and in turn, will become your 'Brand Ambassador'. It is a great chance for both your company to have new talent that will represent you, and also for them to be grateful for your support in making it that far. Being able to present on stage with your backed participant is also great exposure in return for your work, as they reflect upon you as your company is credited with being able to present on stage with them.

 Your dedication and financial backing will help to encourage more pageants and provide the incentive through both their participation and the potential for them to become a new Brand Ambassador. With such help, you are encouraging a new generation of participants to pursue their dreams.

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 Thanks in part to the outside support, the pageantry is able to continue going year after year. It would not be possible to maintain the amount of shows and participants without the generous offers from people like you. With each level of your backing, you are allowing for additional prizes and more events to take place across multiple age ranges.

Please get involved today and empower the new pageant participants to go further in their journeys. Your help and dedication could help the stars of tomorrow start today and get involved into the world of pageantry.