The Girl With a Mission to Make a Difference

Miss Teen Australia

Miss teen Australia International 2016, Georgia Brice

Georgia Brice is thirteen years old and she lives in Perth, W.A. Georgia heard about Mrs., Ms, Miss and Miss Teen online and thought it would give her amazing life skills and some amazing memories with lovely sisters of the sash for the rest of her life. She never in her wildest dreams thought that she would not only receive those two wonderful things, but also a chance to represent Australia in Jacksonville, Florida.

Performing had always been a large part of Georgia’s life, as she plays the piano, cello, sings, dances, acts and models. She had an enjoyable time at her first pageant, Miss Country Girl Australia in her local area, Joondalup. She received a special mention, but she never had a clear answer whether she was interested in pageants or not.

She changed her mind, as she heard that this pageant included fundraising, and also having the choice of choosing an organisation that you believe in and want to personally support.

This motivated Georgia as she immediately thought of supporting an Australian, non-profit organisation that helped the communities, cities and country to overcome mental illness, so she excitedly chose Beyondblue as her chosen organisation. She felt an urge to support this organisation because they devote themselves to helping the people that need them, and their family and friends. They have phone lines, emails and chat rooms, along with volunteering and a website with social media accounts to help to encourage people do recover from the mental illnesses that are challenging many Australians.

By the time Georgia arrived in Sydney for the pageant, she had raised $6142 for Beyondblue and $505 for Mums on a mission, the national pageant’s support organisation. She had an amazing time meeting new people and learning form the director, judges and guest speakers.

The time was here, after some unforgettable memories and learning, she was ready to give the pageant her best shot. She had an amazing time talking to the judges during her interview and loved the two dance numbers, choreographed by the amazing Stephanie Alicia to help us to master the dance moves. She had a magnificent time during her fitness wear, cocktail wear and evening wear. She even had fun answering her on-stage question, to her surprise. 

The time had come to hear the results. She had no idea who would win, because she honestly thought everyone did such an admirable job. She was extremely excited for Mrs., Tanya Scarvaci, Ms., Ally McKlusky, Miss, Jessica Martini and now it was time to really know how she went. Sabrina went, Camelia, Taylee! She was gobsmacked, she had come second! Sally had won and was going to Australia proud! Until Sally was announced second, she was so estatic she was able to gain the experience and first runner up was wonderful for her first national pageant! She really and truly was stunned walking down the catwalk with her flowers, crown and sash. She was grateful for everyone and everything that had support her along the way. Not to mention the previous year’s winners, Mrs. Piper O’Neill, Miss Deedee Zibara and Miss Teen Ruby Adamson. Not to mention the lovely director, Ferial Youakim and her family for their love and nourishment.

Since the amazing pageant, Georgia has been planing events and already raising money for her Australian organisation Beyondblue, but also her international organisation, Action for happiness! Action for Happiness helps many people around the world to understand happiness, by running seminars and courses to help people recover from their depression or anxiety, and to see what they have to make them joyful for what they have that many others don't have. 

Georgia is eternally grateful for what life has already given her and her wisdom she has and has yet to have. She is exhilarated to represent Australia in July, 2016 and is ready for anything that comes her way. 

Miss Jessica Martini, Mrs Tanya Scarvaci, Ms Ally McCluskey and Miss Teen Georgia Brice.